Descendants 3 – Audrey’s turn to the Dark Side?

I recently found some promotional photos of a returning cast member from the first installment of the Descendants franchise. Audrey, played by Sarah Jeffrey, is the daughter of Princess Aurora “Briar Rose” and Prince Philip, and on and off girlfriend of Chad Charming (Jedidiah Goodacre) the son of Princess Cinderella and Prince Henry Charming.

While Audrey was too busy taking “a spa vacation with Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather” to appear in Descendants 2, it seems our pastel pink princess will be back in Auradon Prep for the events of Descendants 3. And like we saw in the sequel, our characters will bear new styles.

And to say the least, our prim Audrey’s spa vacation prompted a total makeover. Now, the character sports her hair dyed neon pink with streaks of purple and blue. Along with that, her typical pastel pink dress has been traded in for a black cape and a lavender romper? – sorry, I can’t tell much about her outfit yet. And in her hands, she holds … Maleficent’s staff!

Some say Audrey has gone evil, but I say – Theory Time!

Based on the promotional photos, if you look closely, and ponder over it deeply, you’ll see that Audrey dons colors much like Maleficent – the black cape, the purple, and not to mention … her staff!

Given that this film will possibly conclude the Descendants trilogy, I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers have decided to bring back everyone’s most feared villain – Maleficent. For now, this Mistress of Evil remains in her tiny lizard prison, but let’s not forget that Mal didn’t return to Auradon at the end of Descendants 2. Was that plot hole writers forgot to do, or did they intentionally leave Maleficent on the Isle to escape and find a vessel to possess such as Audrey?

Or could it be that Audrey is merely portraying Maleficent in a school play?

Who knows … we’ll just have to wait for Descendants 3 to find out if our favorite lizard has taken possession of our prim princess, or something else.

Auradon and the Realms of Story – Descendants/Once Upon A Time Theory

For those of you who read my last theory post, especially the one on the blue flame, you’re in for a treat. Today I’m going to talk about why Auradon is either one of the realms of story existing in the Once Upon A Time Universe (also known as the Realms of Story) or is Storybrooke itself.

While we could on comparing the geography of the two places, I don’t have to analyze anything because a map of Auradon, courtesy of the media generated by fans on the Descendants Wikia, shows an oddly similar name to one of Once Upon A Time’s most essential realms – the Enchanted Forest.

On the map, the stretch of woodlands surrounding the territory given to Snow White and the Dwarves is called the Enchanted Wood. Wood is a synonym for the forest; therefore, the Enchanted Wood is another name for the Enchanted Forest, which our beloved Once Upon A Time heroes and villains roamed given that their fairytale was written in Mainland Europe (or China.)

But there’s more evidence to this. Take the portrayers of the descendants and compare them to the Storybrooke counterparts of their parents. For example, isn’t it odd that they chose an actress with noticeably similar features to Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) to play Evie, the daughter of the Evil Queen? Or how Harry Hook (Thomas Doherty) has the same style and allure as Captain Killian “Hook” Jones (Colin O’Donoghue)? Or how Ben (Mitchell Hope) – my apologies: King Ben – has similar features to Baelfire “Neal” Cassidy, and Gideon Gold, both of whom would be his counterparts in Storybrooke?

Think about it! It couldn’t’ve been a stylistic coincidence for these similarities to have shown up. But hey, that’s just my opinion!

Descendants 3 – Who’s Mal’s Father (Reimagined)

I’ve decided to revise my theory on who Mal’s father is. If you read my original theory, it talked about the plot holes which could lead to Hans being Mal’s father. However, in this theory, I’m going to explore a list of possible scenarios of many candidates for Mal’s father. So, don’t count Hans of your list quite yet.

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Descendants – Mal’s Father?

Come ye all fans of the Descendants franchise. Today, I’m here to discuss one of the biggest questions of the theories … so just wait for it. No, it’s not will there be another sequel, but it’s rather the identity of Mal’s father.

We know very little about who Mal’s dad is other than he’s a weak human and is referred to as “he-who-must-not-be-named.” And before you go off and theorize that it’s Voldemort, let’s just brush that idea off the back very slowly: Harry. Potter. Is. Not. Disney. So. Voldemort. Is. Not. The. Father. Of. Mal.

So here are some other facts we know that can help us narrow down the search of the unnamed father. Mal reveals to us at the beginning of the film that all of the villains had been trapped on the Isle of the Lost for twenty years at the time. During the movie, Mal is sixteen years old. Thus Maleficent would’ve been in on her fourth year imprisoned on the isle. So, Mal’s father has to be someone on the Isle.

We also know it can’t be the bird – Diablo because that would make Mal one-third bird, one-third human, and one-third fairy and as we are aware, Mal is half-human half-fairy. Also, Maleficent cares about Diablo and says his name. Maleficent is angry; she won’t even say the man’s name – so can let’s just erase Gaston from the equation, at least for the moment. We can also delete Diablo because the bird was turned into stone for twenty years.

Next off, let me cross off a list of names of who I believe it can’t be – Jafar, Gaston, Hook.

Let’s start off with Jafar. I could go on with a list of reasons why it can’t be Jafar, but I’ll try to keep this to the point. Maleficent doesn’t mind being around Jafar – if Jafar were Mal’s father, Maleficent wouldn’t be able to even look him in the eyes, let alone be in the same room. Jafar used to be a sorcerer, and from what I can theorize, Mal’s father would have to be entirely mortal. And on top of it all, Maleficent wouldn’t be able to bear the fact that Mal spent a lot of time with Jay – Jafar’s son.

As for Gaston. There’s no way he could be Mal’s father. I’m not sure how the topic of half-siblings would be addressed in such a heartfelt franchise. So, with that said, we can rule out all the villains who have children. So, which villain doesn’t have a child?

After searching the Descendant Wiki site, I came across a lead. The one villain I noticed who wasn’t on that site was Hans. So here is why Mal is the daughter of Maleficent and Hans:

First of all, Hans has a knack for spotting desperate women. And Maleficent, “mistress of evil” was desperate – desperate to get off the Isle to get her revenge on the one person she loved – King Stefan. So, Hans used it to his advantage. And Hans is proven to be weak – his big evil scheme wasn’t even thought out thoroughly; along with the fact he had no allies (according to Disney.Wiki) And he’s human. So he fits all of the checks.

Second of all, as per mentioned, Hans isn’t even referred to in the book – as far as we know, he didn’t have any children. So, you may say, “Oh that must just be a convenience.” Well, here’s what I know, or guess: production for the premiere of Descendants (airing in 2015) must’ve begun in 2014. In 2015, Melissa de la Cruz came out with her book, The Isle of the Lost. Frozen came out in 2013, so maybe the timeline didn’t match with Arendelle, thus making it a mere mistake, but get this – she didn’t add any of the Frozen characters into the series, so that leads to an assumption – Arendelle is cursed and Hans is banished.

According to maps of Auradon, Arendelle and the Southern Isles do exist, but that begs to bring the question: why hasn’t Melissa de la Cruz added Frozen to the franchise?

So … I leave with this. This is just my theory, so peace out!

Peter Pan – A vampire?

You all know the beloved tale of Peter Pan – the audacious teen in green who never wants to grow up, and so he lives in a land called Neverland. But might there be something more creepy about this teenager than we already thought?

So, as we all know that Peter Pan is both immortal (semi) and unaging. Hmm … remind you of anyone or anything? That’s right – Peter Pan is a vampire. Say what now? Oh right … I forgot my evidence.

To help me out with this, I’ve called on the help of Twilight and good old Once Upon A Time.

As we know, vampires are said to be undead creatures who feast on human blood – that did not seem right coming from my mind … – but in some other beliefs, vampires are also living creatures, which there explains why Peter Pan appears as if he were human, but he’s really not.

Next of all, blood. Vampires feast on human blood, and in Twilight, even animal blood – if you prefer a path of self-righteousness. Although not stated directly [in the movie] it can be safe to assume it could be implied in Once Upon A Time. See, in Once Upon A Time, Pan is prone to blood lust, we can in imply that is a substitute – or in the very least, a metaphor, you know, with the heart-crushing (literally) and stuff

Then we have reflexions/shadows. Vampires are known to not have reflexions, so why is it they would have a shadow? In the movie, Peter Pan does have a shadow, but it runs away from him, and acts on its own, which can signify that his shadow barely exists, and if I’m going somewhere, and also mean that if his shadow doesn’t exist, neither does his reflexion. Now here’s the fun part: in Once Upon A Time, however, Pan doesn’t have a shadow – well, at least one that is part of him, so boom, no reflexion!

Now, as we also know, to become a vampire, you have to be bitten by one (that carries venom). And there’s the wall – if there are no vampires on Neverland, how could Pan have been turned into one? Or is it possible that there was another way, for all you need is venom? I like to think that the pixie dust, in which makes wings fly and others fly, is the vessel containing vampire venom.

But here’s another possibility. In Once Upon A Time, season 3, we find out that anything can happen there if you just believe, so it is very possible that Pan just believed he was bitten by a vampire and so he turned into one.

But that’s just my theory. Peace Out!